Repair Existing Decorative Mouldings Hampshire

Plaster Repair Existing Decorative Mouldings.

Repair Existing Decorative Mouldings by experts in Hampshire.  Plaster is a historic building material that has been sustained through time. It allows us to enjoy the majestic feel of smooth walls, ceilings, and exquisite decorative mouldings. Plaster is an art that has blossomed in the hearts of many, who have come to appreciate not just its beauty but other unique qualities.

Plaster is firm, mould resistant, fire resistant and capable of deadening noise. However, plaster can also get old or damaged. It can be heartbreaking and worrying for some owners when that 100 years old plaster suddenly cracks or gets damaged. Some might wonder if it were possible to restore their walls or panels to its former beauty. Luckily, it is made possible by experts with years of experience and high creative capabilities. Such experts you can find at CEC Plastering based in Southampton.

The existing ornamental plaster designs or smooth surfaces in your home might need repair or replacement if it shows any of the following signs;

  • Sagging
  • Unevenness
  • Cracks

Depending on the extent of the damage a professional plasterer will be able to determine if you need a repair or replacement of the moulding. Most damages occur as a result of the separation of the lath from the plaster. Laths are the framework that gives plaster the support it needs.

Sagging is usually the first sign of detaching plaster which ultimately leads to cracks. At this time restoration is required.

Repair Existing Decorative Mouldings

Repair Existing Decorative Mouldings

CEC Plastering is a Company with professionals of over 20 years of experience in plastering repair and replacement service. We understand that ornamental moulding designs offer homes and buildings more than beauty; they offer character, history, and magnificence.

When some of these get damaged or worn out, owners fear they have lost that deep connection to a rich history or the pure elegance of their homes. CEC Plastering is a company that guarantees your fears are swept away, and your home retains its character.

At CEC our master craftsmen build matchable Plaster Mouldings in-house in Hampshire. We equally offer bespoke mouldings to match your existing plasterworks or uniquely designed to suit your requirements.

Our expertise cuts across classic to contemporary mouldings using traditional materials.

Our services extend from restoration, repairs to the matching of existing ornamental plasterwork.


We are the plastering company that delivers on quality plastering works throughout Hampshire in the United Kingdom.  CEC Plastering is reliable and available for Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Portsmouth.

Call us on 07753 729767 or send us a message with your requirements for a plastering quote.

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